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"Sleepless Night"
A RoyAi FanFic

Riza Hawkeye made a feeble attempt to pull her short dress down, doing her best to preserve some dignity. She hated these stupid undercover missions. The air at the bar was warm, smoky, and carried the stench of alcohol. On top of that, her dress was cut in such a way that she wasn't able to carry a gun with her.

Too short, too low cut. "Havoc has a weapon. He's undercover too. Plus, I'll be watching from outside. You'll be okay," he tells me. Well this is GREAT!

She knew Roy was right and that her boyfriend of three months wouldn't dare put her in harms way. Riza saw Havoc pull his hat down to cover his face out of the corner of her eye. He was sitting at the booth across the room. Part of her was still furious at him for causing the embarrassing incident that actually led to Roy taking her to dinner.

Hawkeye fidgeted in her tight dress. The flesh colored paste that concealed her tattoo itched and the smells in the room made her eyes burn. All this just to catch a supposed serial killer. There wasn't even enough evidence to prove it was the bartender anyway…

Havoc made a move that it was time to get going. They were done for the night. He quietly left the bar. She would leave in a few minutes so not to draw attention to herself.

The air is so thick in here…at least I can leave soon...

The air was smoky…but there was another smell…lingering in the smell of the alcohol. Riza got up to leave but stopped short. Her dress snagged on the chair. She gave it a good tug.

I…I…gotta get out of here!



Glass shot out of the windows, deadly projectiles flying across the street. Smoke billowed out of the bar windows. Flames licked the sides of the building. Patrons ran from the bar in every direction, military officers trying to stop them from leaving the scene.


Roy Mustang ran into the street, looking around frantically for her. She hadn't come out yet, had she? Or was she among the escapees? Fuery ran up to him.

"Sir! Where is the Lieutenant?" All Mustang could muster was blank stare.

Where is she? Please be alright…

Brosh shouted over the wail of the sirens. "I don't see her anywhere!"

Mustang felt nauseous. Riza was the only one he had been watching on this mission. He had failed to keep her safe. Havoc slammed his fist against the wall. "I left her in there by herself!"

It's not his fault though…Riza is my responsibility…

Mustang took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, and issued orders. "Brosh, get them," he gestured to the frantic patrons, "out of here! Get as much information out of them as you can. Breda, get the scene isolated. I don't want anyone getting in the way. Get an ambulance here, NOW! Fuery, Havoc, find…her." He could say her name…she couldn't be…gone…

For a good two hours, Mustang hauled his numb form through the rubble. He was covered in cuts and burns, but he was too worried to be careful. Part of him wished that Riza wasn't in the rubble, which meant that she had escaped in one piece. Havoc and Fuery had also abandoned safety in an attempt to find their friend faster. Breda joined in the search along with other officers and professionals but to no avail.

"Sir! Sir!"Brosh yelled from the far side of the street. Mustang bolted from the rubble. "What is it?"

Did you find her?

"Sir, according to the information we were able to get from the patrons …the Lieutenant isn't the only one missing. Some girl name Nelly West. She's the bartender's daughter. You don't think…?" Brosh had the most pained expression on his face.

"Nelly West has captured Hawkeye?" Fuery piped up. He and the others had followed Mustang from the rubble.

Brosh nodded. "Apparently the bartender, Mr. Luis West, our suspect, managed to slip away. He might be making his daughter take a hostage until he has a chance to…" Brosh stopped short. It seemed like everyone was as shaken up as Mustang was.

"Then we have time. And we can find her." Havoc stated. His voice sounded dead. He must still be beating himself up about leaving Riza alone. "We'll investigate the family. Where would he hide her?" The men began to discuss the possibilities.

I'm coming Riza…


Hawkeye woke with a start.  Her limbs ached. Her ears were ringing. She was drenched in sweat.

It was dark. Dust hung in the air, illuminated by the light of the moon shining through the windows high on the walls. The room was huge…a warehouse maybe? She tried to move. One hand was bound to a bar at waist level. Her back was to a wall. Riza shuddered. It was cold too.

A light flickered on just in front of her. "You're awake? Here," A bundle of beige cloth was thrown to the ground if front of her, upsetting the dust further. "Change into this. You'll freeze to death before The Master has a chance to talk with you." It was a girl's voice. Riza was sure of that. She reached down and shook out the cloth. It was some sort of jumpsuit made of a thick, warm fabric.

"Who are you?" Hawkeye tried to sound brave, but her voice shook. "That doesn't matter. Just change before The Master comes." The light flickered out, footsteps, and the door slammed shut.

Riza pulled the jumpsuit on over her dress. She found that it was made so that even with one arm bound, she zip her restrained arm into the suit as well. It was warm, and surprisingly, comfortable.

With a tired exhale, she leaned against the wall, feeling her bound arm go numb little by little.

I was at the bar…then Havoc left…I smelled something weird…My head hurts…Roy, you had better be looking for me…You said I would be fine…


"What do we know?" Mustang spread a stack of papers across his desk. His men all had contributed every bit of information they could dig up on the family.

"The family has been moving from place to place a lot over the past six years. I would assume that was because of the mother's absence. She died in an explosion around that time. There wasn't a lot of information on the mother, but her side of the family did a lot of woodwork and furniture building. The father has had problems with the law since the mother passed away. His family's business was running a butcher shop. It's closed down. That would be a good hiding place for a…hostage." Havoc summarized. Mustang could tell that the men were getting increasingly more restless. He assumed that he must seem just as bad if not worse.

"What about the other…murders?" He forced himself to ask.

Fuery spread a series of gory pictures across the table. All of them were burn victims. "There have been five deaths so far. Each of the victims was burned severely and had bruises around their wrists. Each of the victims was an alchemist as well."

Brosh piped up. "Does that mean that the killer is breaking pattern?"
Mustang shook his head. "Not necessarily. The Lieutenant knows a thing or two about alchemy."

Actually, by the looks of this…Riza was intentionally targeted. If each kill had something to do with fire, they must have known about her father…

Mustang silently looked over the masses of information. Signs of remotely caused burning. That could be caused by flame alchemy. Victim's bodies dumped by rivers. That would stop the burning once the victim was dead…but why would you burn someone by a river? There were too many contradictions…Roy hadn't the faintest idea where to begin.

"We need a place to start with…I want Havoc and Breda to investigate the Mr. West's home. Fuery, you and I will investigate the butcher shop." "Sir. Yes, Sir." Brosh looked awkwardly at the pile of paperwork. "What about me, Sir?" "I want you to find Hawkeye, Brosh. Look for any other place that she might be being held. Understood?" "YES SIR!"


Riza now understood why she had been ordered to put on such warm garment. The room where she was being kept was ice cold. Even with the suit on, she was shivering uncontrollably. With a weak cough, she strained pathetically against her restraints, sweat rolling off body, her lightly colored hair soaked. She had lost track of the time long ago, or maybe it was just a moment ago, but she knew it was still night. The moon gave her some comfort in her icy prison.

The sound of the door opening, then closing again, footsteps, and the light flickered on again. The girl who had spoken before let her voice ring out once more. "Are you faring well?" She sounded young, maybe only in her teens…her late teens.

"I-I'm tied t-to a wall in a fr-eezing room. H-how on Earth c-could I be f-faring well?!" Hawkeye managed to respond through her temperature induced spasms. The girl didn't seem to hear her, but stepped into the light. She wasn't very tall, nor was she short. She had brown hair that was singed on the ends and blue eyes that were wide with what seemed to be fear. Hawkeye would have felt sorry for her if she wasn't in her current situation.

"The Master will ask you a question," she stated as she took a seat under the light, right in front of Riza. "You would do well to answer the first time you are asked. The Master has heard that you know the answer to the question and The Master doesn't want to kill you. The Master only kills if you don't give the answer to the question. Do you understand?" The girls sounded robotic and lifeless. Whoever this "Master" was had her scared straight.

"Who ar-re you?" Hawkeye asked again. This time the girl smiled, almost like a normal teenager.
"My name is Nelly. The Master will ask you a question. Do you understand?" she repeated.

"N-Nelly. W-what is the question?" Riza figured that it was better to be prepared. Maybe she could come up with a decent answer.

Nelly frowned as if contemplating the risks of telling her, then smiled. "The Master will ask you to explain the secret of fire magic."

Fire magic?! She means flame alchemy?  I can't hand over that weapon to a killer…and I don't know what it is anyway…Only Roy knows…

"B-but, Nelly, I-I d-don't know what t-to tell The M-master." Nelly shook her head. Her whole body tensed up, and she stood, towering over Riza.

"NO. You KNOW the secret. I know you do. THE MASTER KNOWS YOU HAVE THE SECRET!" Nelly was having a fit, just like a little child. "Now you made me mad. The Master is going to come sooner now and it's all YOUR FAULT!" she screamed, leaving Riza in the alone in the darkness once more.


It was just past midnight by the time Mustang and Fuery finally made it to the butcher shop. Fuery lifted his gun to eye level and kicked the front door down. It hadn't taken much force, considering that the door hung at an angle. Rushing in past the boarded up windows, Mustang illuminated the room with a bright spark.

It was empty. Roy felt his anxiety well up inside him. He really had hoped that Riza was being held here. Fuery slipped behind the counter and went into the back room. Mustang gazed silently at the rotting walls and rusted butcher knives as a light bulb flickered on in the backroom.

"ARRRGGGGGHHH!" Fuery's shout echoed in the empty room. Roy ran for the back room, clutching his wrist, ready to attack. Fuery's gun clattered to the ground as Mustang hastily entered the room. In the dim lighting, a gory scene unfolded itself before Mustang's eyes.

Spread across the floor was none other than Mr. West, the bartender. His body was burned severely, much, much worse than any other victims. The room's walls were chard and blackened and the all together far too familiar stench of burned flesh lingered on the air.

"S-Sir?" Fuery stuttered out. "Hm?" Mustang studied the scene with a practiced eye. He had seen this kind of damage inflicted only by a skill similar to his own. "If Mr. West is dead, he can't be the m-murder. So who t-took the Lieutenant?"


The door slammed open, snapping Hawkeye out of her stupor. She had tried to find comfort in her situation by reminiscing about her first date with Roy. She hadn't even noticed the first rosy fingers of morning climbing up the windows of the room she was imprisoned in. The room had an eerie quality through the haze that had settled around Riza's eyes. It seemed almost as if ghosts drifted silently around the room. She shivered and felt her whole body burn with fever. Her arm had long gone numb and her thoughts had long gone blurry.

Nelly marched across the room in a rage, bringing with her the smell of smoke. But it wasn't Nelly was it? She leaned over Riza wiping a thick, foul smelling something across Riza's arm. Nelly screamed.

"TELL ME THE SECRET!" Hawkeye looked at her in daze. "I TOLD YOU TO TELL ME. TELL ME NOW!"

Wha-what secret? The flame alchemy thing? I…I don't know it…I thought The Master guy was supposed to ask this…why is…?

"I said TELL ME!" Nelly screamed. Her hair was singed…it smelled like the bar…

"I…I don't know…" Hawkeye mumbled. Nelly's face contorted with rage. "YOU KNOW! You inherited it from your poppa right?! Then if you won't tell me, I'll have to make you!"



Fuery and Mustang rushed back to headquarters as fast as they could. It seemed, upon their arrival, that Havoc and Breda hadn't turned up anything new. Or at least nothing as interesting as they had found.

Quickly sharing their findings with Havoc and Breda, the four men made a run for the office, only to run into Brosh halfway there. He fumbled with some papers, his excited face lit by the glow of dawn on the horizon.

"I found a warehouse! The place where the mother's family stored furniture. She has to be there!" Brosh shouted happily. The men bolted for the exit, turning on their heels. "But it's not Mr. Wes-"he began; only to be cut off by Mustang "We know that. We found him dead at his family's abandoned shop. We've been after the wrong person." Brosh nodded. "I know. It's the daughter."

Mustang stopped short in front of his car. "What?"

Brosh climbed into the car. "I found medical records stating that her mother was mentally disturbed and that it was quite possible that Nelly could inherit the disease, although she was never tested for it. Plus, Nelly has gotten in trouble with the authorities for being a suspected arson." Mustang stepped on the gas, the smell of burning rubber filling his nostrils. "Good work."

Roy's mind was far from the directions that Brosh proudly explained from the back seat.

Wait just a little longer.


Riza let out a shrill scream of pure agony. Nelly had ignited the black stain on her sleeve with a classic lighter. The flame went straight to skin like lightning concentrated on eradicating her.

Nelly patted out the flame with a wet cloth. "Now, tell me the secret."

"I- I CAN'T!" Hawkeye drew herself in a tightly as she could, pulling her legs to her chest and hiding her injured arm. She fidgeted around, straining helplessly against her restraint once more.

Okay. I have restricted movement. I'm wearing a cloth that makes flames burn hotter. There is a girl bent on torturing information out of me. I can't keep her talking…she's too focused.  If I could just keep her away from me…but I have too little energy to waste …I have only one means of defense, and one shot at using it…now?

"Now." Riza whispered to herself. "What was that? Are you ready to tell me?" Nelly leaned towards her. "NOW!"

Expending the last of her energy, Hawkeye launched herself forward, thrusting a knife directly at Nelly. She had done her best to keep it concealed within her dress. She hadn't been able to bring a gun undercover, but there was no way she would have gone in weaponless.

Nelly dodged, but a crimson stripe painted itself across her pale complexion. "Naughty girl!" she cackled wickedly, wrenching the knife from Riza's weakened grip. "The Master will have to punish you for that!" She slathered more of the black substance across Riza's suit and lit it once again.

Just outside the warehouse, chirping birds greeting the day hid the sounds of dearest agony coming from inside.


Mustang pulled up to the warehouse. His body was completely numb. The survival rate of someone kidnapped by a serial killer was EXTREMELY low.  His men got out of the car, guns raised, but he hesitated. Roy knew he wouldn't be able to look at the lifeless- No…he wouldn't think about it…

The men approached the building cautiously. It was surprisingly still, surprisingly silent. Only a few yards away… And then a shrill, high laugh. The garage-style door rolled up into the wall to reveal a girl, Nelly, her eyes wide and hysteric. She cackled again.

"Looks like we've got company Master. An' who're you supposed t'be?" she doubled over in laughter. Her tiny body seemed even smaller when silhouetted against the dark interior of the warehouse. Sheet covered furniture loomed out of the darkness, creating an even more maddened look to the murderess.

Havoc, his voice surprisingly level, replied, "The military. Where is Miss Hawkeye?"

He detached. That way she won't know that Riza is our comrade…she won't use her against us.

Nelly laughed again. "Why, she's long dead. What're you doing here!?"


Roy snapped, igniting the ground at Nelly's feet. He heard Brosh drop his gun in shock.

Again Nelly laughed. "Ha. So she's your friend is she? And you KNOW THE SECRET! What fun! What fun!" The heat of the flames blurred the colors of her slight form.

Mustang's hands shook. It was like fighting Envy all over again…He raised his hand to snap again and Nelly reached for something inside the ware house, just out of his sight.

With every muscle in her tiny body, Nelly hauled the lifeless form of Riza Hawkeye in front of her like a shield. Riza's body was covered in burns. Burns so recent that the fabric on her shoulder was still smoldering. Her blond hair fell in tangles around her pale face. She shuddered, and her eyes fluttered open.

Riza! You're least…

Nelly splashed some black fluid against Riza's throat and pulled a lighter from her pocket. "Now if you don't want me to burn the girl's head off, you'll tell me how to do that fire magic you have there."


The thick fluid stung Riza's throat. She felt ashamed that such a feeble little girl had managed to get her into this situation. Through her blurred vision she was able to see the blue of military uniforms.

Roy? Did you come for me?
I don't want to die…Roy? I don't want to die!

Riza's vision began to fade again. Her fate was in the hands of her protector once more.


Mustang weighed his options. He ABSOLUTLY HAD to get Riza out alive. But in exchange for what? Turning a serial killer into a weapon of war? Hawkeye would never forgive him for telling anyone the secret…but would she ever have the chance too?

Havoc rose his voice "Nelly, drop the lighter." "TELL ME THE SECRET!" It couldn't wait any longer, Roy began to talk.

"The secret is in code," Everyone's attention snapped to him. Nelly's blue eyes burned with ambition. "You can't access the code… unless…unless you've been entrusted with certain information…"

Nelly squinted in the morning light. "What information?"

Keep her talking.

"The information is…um…something that only…an alchemic teacher can entrust to a student." He was just making stuff up now. He had to keep the secret. His hand trembled. That lighter was far too close to Riza's throat…

Nelly smiled evilly. "I have no teacher! I LEARN FIRE MAGIC ON MY OWN!" she was getting worked up now, her hands shaking the lighter uncontrollably. Riza slumped against the maniac's slight form, held up by a fist clenching her messy blond hair. Her burns looked more and more severe as the rising sun shed new light on the situation.

"I WILL become a fire magician! I WILL be greater than Momma! She was a bad magician! Couldn't even burn the bad people who got mad at Poppa!" she shrieked, shaking Riza wildly. "And I won't let IDIOTS LIKE YOU STOP ME," Nelly threw Riza's unconscious form from side to side. With each jerk from Nelly's hand, Roy winced empathetically. "NO! I WILL NOT LET YOU…PEOPLE…GET IN THE WAY OF MY FIRE MAG-"


"Ma-gic…"The hysteria faded from Nelly's eyes as she looked down to see a bloody red rose blossom across her chest. Havoc charged forward.


Two more bullets made contact. Nelly's grip loosened on Riza's hair, and the two women fell to the ground. Covering the distance between where he had watched helplessly and the place where his focus and heart was invested, seemed to take forever.

Havoc leaned over Nelly, checking her pulse. "Dead."

Fuery leaned over Hawkeye's lifeless form. He didn't say anything.

…I thought I ordered you not to die…

Mustang kneeled next to the still body of his girlfriend of only three short months, his friend since longer than he could remember. Fuery shook her shoulder gently. "Lieutenant? Lieutenant Hawkeye?"

Don't do that…just…don't…

"Hm?"The exhausted moan. Fuery leapt up excitedly. "She's alive!" Roy brushed her bangs out of her face to see her deep brown eyes flutter open weakly. "She has pulse but she's really weak. Someone call for an ambulance!" The voices of his men seemed distant to Mustang.

Riza is alive. I don't have to see her die again.

Roy pulled the only slightly conscience body of Riza Hawkeye into his arms. A weak mumble.

"What is it?" he asked.

"S-sir?" She stilled called him that after all they had gone through.

"What is it?" He asked her once again, speaking softly, afraid that she would turn to dust in his arms.

"Sir, I-I'm not listening to y-you next time you t-tell me to go underc-cover unarmed."


This pathetic attempt at a RoyAi fan fiction is brought to you by a RoyAi fan trapped in the car for…what is it? 11 hours now?...I'm sorry for the bad ending. TO BE CONTINUED with the RoyAi fan fiction "Quirks." See you next time!
here's the next can stand alone, or you can read

the next part might be uploaded tomarrow...maybe...

please critique this as if you were grading a school paper! I want to improve! (btw...the thoughts r supposed to be in italics, but i don't know how to do that on DA)

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